Hillman school board decision now in the hands of AMA ESD

HILLMAN — The Hillman Community Schools Board of Education was unable to vote in a final school board member on Friday during a special board meeting.

The board had the decision to choose between John Fitzgerald and Lorilee McGee to fill the final board position. McGee was at the meeting Friday evening while Fitzgerald was unable to attend. Fitzgerald gave the board a letter stating his interest in being a board member.

Since it didn’t appoint someone to the board at the meeting Friday, the next step is having the Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona Educational Service District interview people and appoint someone to the board.

“I will notify Superintendent Scott Reynolds at the AMA and they will begin their process,” Hillman Superintendent Carl Seiter said. “I am fairly certain that they have 30 days like we did to find someone to fill the position.”

The board had a meeting on Friday because it had reached the 30 day deadline to fill the final board position. The open board position is only until next year’s election.

Board member Craig Zimmer said he was uncomfortable voting for either candidate since Fitzgerald was not at the meeting to answer questions.

“It’s not fair to vote for someone just because you know them,” Zimmer said.

Board President Kelly Burwell said the board had the choice of two good candidates, so it will be good to have an unbiased opinion on the final board position.

“We would have won with either candidate,” Burwell said.

Moving forward, Burwell said the board is looking to go in a positive direction.

“We have wonderful administration here in Hillman,” she said. “We want the community to feel stable with the board and that stability hasn’t been here for a long time.”

Burwell said the board is going to work on strategic planning and continue working to make the community better.

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