Harrisville council has vacancies to fill

HARRISVILLE — The Harrisville City Council has at least one vacancy, and possibly a second, to contend with in the coming months.

The vacancies include the city’s planning commission and possibly the council, Mayor John Dobis said during a Monday meeting.

He told the council that a member of the planning commission, Joe Maharg, had submitted a letter of resignation.

“Maharg is not only a member of the planning commission, he is the chairman,” Dobis said. “He has been going through a lot lately and and has had a lot on his mind.”

After discussion a motion to accept the letter of resignation was cast and adopted by the council.

Dobis then went to the subject of Councilwoman Joan Crick who had been absent from many meetings as she contends with medical issues.

Dobis said he expected Crick to tender her resignation soon.

“I thought we would have a letter of resignation from (Crick) tonight,” Dobis said. “We have had conversations. We talked to her sister and we talked to her daughter (about her situation).”

Dobis said Crick needs more time to construct a letter to present to the council and that letter will probably be presented during the October meeting.

“I think we have time to wait, nothing is burning right here,” he said.

Dobis said for the time being there are enough members of the council to constitute a quorum to continue to conduct city business.

He told the council he suspected the resignation would come in October.

“At that time I will inform you of what’s going on and we’ll get an advertisement in the paper for that position,” he said.

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