ACC begins reaccreditation process

ALPENA — Alpena Community College started the first steps toward reaccreditation. The board of trustees had a workshop about the matter before its regular board meeting Wednesday.

“With the Higher Learning Evaluation Commission there are four documents we have to prepare to send in, to the Higher Learning Commission by Aug. 1,” Wendy Brooks, dean of the library and media sources and accreditation liaison, said. “In preparation for that review team to come and visit us Sept. 25 and Sept 26 of 2017.”

She said the first document they focus on is on federal compliance. The next one is quality initiative, the third is an institutional snapshot, the fourth is an assurance argument.

“For quality initiative we wanted to make sure we were really on target to make sure our students were assessed correctly and that they could be successful,” Brooks said.

Another document they will focus on is the institutional snapshot that already has been updated and is ready to be embedded into the study.

“To do the assurance argument we went to the executive council and they gave us information on how we would meet all the criteria,” Brooks said. “We started to write it, and then we took it to the staff to see how they thought we wrote the narrative, and what needed to be changed, what we could add. It came back to me and I’m preparing it and giving it back to the leaders of each of the criteria. Each of those leaders will look at it, then (college President Don) MacMaster will look at it, recommend any changes. Then it will go to the Higher Learning Commission in August.”

Chairman John Briggs asked if during the accreditation visit they can clue into how the school performed.

“They never say,” MacMaster said. “They give the positives and we read what they feel. Then they send a letter you received accreditation or a finding an action item.”

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