ACC looks for new fundraising opportunities

ALPENA — The Alpena Community College Foundation had a “phenomenal year” said Trustee Theresa Duncan.

Duncan discussed the foundation’s fundraising efforts during the ACC board of trustees meeting, Wednesday.

“Just to give you a perspective the year prior our end of the year fundraising total was $230,318,” Duncan said. “This year it was $693,000 and that was due to some very hard work and one or two substantial gifts that came in at the end of the year.”

She said one of the members of the foundation board made a specific request.

“They were imploring me to ask about a full-time person to raise money from alumni. That is seen as a significant untapped source,” Duncan said. “There’s a lot more to be going for. That’s something they wanted us to look at pursuing. The foundation also needs a full-time fundraising person.”

College President Don MacMaster said he couldn’t agree more.

Board Chairman, John Briggs, asked MacMaster if they have worked on anything yet.

“There is so much to be gotten from it…Everyday where we’re not out reaching out to these folks we’re losing money,” Briggs said.

MacMaster added that it is his responsibility, but he has to figure out how to do it, and find the money to do it.

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