Special use permit approved for Sunrise Mission

ALPENA — The Alpena Planning Commission voted to approve a special use permit for a house owned by Sunrise Mission after a public hearing before Tuesday’s meeting.

The permit will designate the house at 608 W. Chisholm Street, which is a rental, to legally be used as a multi-family residence in the commercial corridor district.

Planning and Development Director Adam Poll said the house has been used as a multi-family property since the city began keeping rental records in 2001, but in 2010 the city required a special use permit for such properties and one was never acquired by the owners.

Poll said because it already was being used as a multi-family home when the ordinance passed in 2010, it was considered an existing legal non-confirming muti-family home and could remain that way until the use is changed.

“If the use of the home changes and needs to be reverted back to a multi-family use, a special permit would be needed,” he said.

By getting the permit now, Sunrise Mission is in full compliance with the city and it also helps to clear hurdles that could be in terms of insurance and bank loans because of the non-compliance.

“It causes issues because of the chance of the house being destroyed or damaged significantly,” Poll said.

Sunrise Mission Director John Ritter made comment during the hearing and explained in simple terms what the mission wanted.

“All it is, is changing from legal non-conforming to legal conforming. That’s all it is,” Ritter said.

In other business:

∫ the commission voted to approve the 2017 meeting schedule. Meetings will remain on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. Poll asked if the board would be interested to moving the meeting to 6 p.m., such as Alpena Municipal Council did, but the commissioners decided to continue to host at normal time.

∫ Poll is in the process of setting a date for the annual joint capital improvement plan meeting. The meeting consists of council and the planning commission to establish the CIP.

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