Harrisville City Council conducts organizational meeting

HARRISVILLE — Officials with the City of Harrisville held an annual organizational meeting Monday and did a number of actions, including appointing city positions, selected an attorney and swore in elected members.

The meeting began with Mayor John Dobis asking city attorney Dave Cook if he would like to continue to serve as the city’s attorney.

Cook accepted and the council unanimously approved him as attorney for the coming year.

After being appointed Cook conducted a swearing-in ceremony for council members Michael Baird, James Kaiser and Karen Sanderson, who were re-elected during the November election.

The next item of business voted on by the council after the swearing-in ceremony concerned the meeting times and dates for 2017. Those will be held the second Monday of the month beginning at 7 p.m. at city hall, as decided by council.

Next the mayor pro tempore position for the year.

“I would ask Joan Crick if she would consider continuing as my mayor pro tempore,” Dobis said.

Crick said she would retain the position and there was a unanimous vote to appoint her. Next came the position of deputy clerk. Dobis asked Clerk Barbara Pierce who she wanted for deputy.

Pierce said she wanted Marjorie French to serve as deputy clerk, and a motion was unanimously approved by the board.

Dobis asked Treasurer Tom Keerl who his choice would be for deputy treasurer. Keerl said he wanted Sharon O’Callaghan to serve. A motion to appoint her to the position was unanimously approved.

After this discussion Dobis then reaffirmed Councilman James Kaiser as the city’s street and sidewalk administrator and Federal Emergency Management Agency administer. He then affirmed Sanderson as the chamber of commerce representative and Keerl as the city website coordinator.

In other appointments Dobis appointed Phil Stheiner, Ernie Andree and Mike Crick to the city’s board of review. He appointed Terence Boucher and Mickey Higgins to the airport commission and Dean Pierce to the tree board.

The topic of vacant boards was then discussed. According to Dobis there is a vacant seat on the city board of review and vacant alternate seats on the board of appeals and board of review.

City officials directed Pierce to advertise to fill the vacancies in the newspaper.

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