Chance to share their essays

ALPENA – Fourth grade students Malachi Fetty and Deven Ulch worked for nearly a month writing essays about something that was familiar to them in Danielle Hoggard’s special education class at Bingham Arts Academy; Friday they were able to share those essays with family members during school. Fetty wrote about owning a guinea pig and how to care for one, and Ulch wrote about what it’s like getting ready for school in a large family.

“They both picked topics to write about that they liked and could relate to,” Hoggard said. “They worked really hard on these essays and really did a great job on them, it was a long process getting them ready to read.”

Fetty’s story went through the necessary items needed to own a guinea pig, and he shared some tips of what not to do with them, including the need to “keep dogs and cats” and “little brothers and sisters away from your guinea pigs.”

Ulch highlighted some of his morning routine in his essay, along with mentioning how he and his siblings often bump into each other while running around the house in the morning. He also explained how he accidentally put on his brother’s shoes one morning, and how he uses visual charts at home to get what he needs done.

Parents and grandparents were invited into the classroom to hear the boys read their stories and talk with them about their hard work.

“It’s important that the students connect with their parents and family to share their work,” Hoggard said. “It’s also important for parents to be an active part of a child’s education and success, and both these students have active family members to encourage them.”

Hoggard said each student put a lot of thought into what they would write about, and they both chose a topic they could depict clearly in an essay. She said she was very pleased with their success and happy to be able to share their hard work with each child’s family.

“It’s so important to the students to be able to share their success with family,” Hoggard said. “They enjoyed reading their stories to them and did a wonderful job with their ideas and illustrations.”

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