Girl Scout troop enjoys Winter Fun Dazes and Pinewood Derby

Brownies of Troop 4187 recently enjoyed both Winter Fun Dazes and the Pinewood Derby, both held on the same day.

The girls gathered first at the Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan where they engaged in both indoor and outdoor activities. The outdoor fun included snow shoeing, sledding, snow bowling, making snowmen and snow jumping games. Indoors, the girls saw a planetarium show and took part in a cookie scavenger hunt.

“Troop 4187 had so much fun trying all the outside activities,” leader Jan Kirkendoll said. “The girls even got to build a snowman. One of the girls in our troop never made a snowman before, and as soon as her troop found that out, they pulled together and showed her.”

Kirkendoll said the snow bowling, sledding and snow shoeing were a hit as well.

“The girls didn’t want to return back inside but we had a busy schedule that we had to stay on,” Kirkendoll said. ” We returned back inside for the scavenger hunt to find all the boxes of Girl Scout cookies that were placed on the animal exhibits or close by. The girls also enjoyed looking for the cookies, seeing the animals and learning about them.”

The planetarium show at the museum proved to be a learning experience as well.

Troop 4187 then headed to St. Paul Lutheran Church for the annual Pinewood Derby event sponsored by the Boy Scouts. The girls had voted earlier to participate this year. Five Brownies participated with each winning a trophy.

“The girls were so excited and nervous at the same time. The looks they had on their faces were priceless,” Kirdendoll said.

The winners included: Allie Donajkowski, best of show; Adrianne Baker, first place; Mira Briley, second place; Mialee Kirkendoll, third place; and Layla Croteau, fourth place.

Troop 4187 meets at Ella White School.