All Saints students raise funds to construct wells in Nigeria

Courtesy Photo Students Rita-Marie and Blaise Peters present a $5,500 check for the Samuel Omogo Foundation Marge Wilson. The money, raised by students at All Saints Catholic School, will provide wells in southeastern Nigeria.

All Saints Catholic School raised $5,500 for the Samuel Omogo Foundation, which builds wells in villages in southeastern Nigeria where there is no access to clean drinking water.

The check was delivered recently to Marge Wilson, one of the co-founders of this foundation in Grand Rapids. Today, the foundation reaches out to bring clean water to approximately 103,000 people whom would otherwise drink and cook using contaminated water from creeks, caves and river beds.

In October 2016, Marge and Father Peter Omogo came to Alpena to talk to the students at All Saints about this project and kick off this fundraiser. A little over a year later, November 2017, the school reached their goal of $5,500 from students’ spare change collection during school masses, donations from private donors and profits from candy bar sales.

This donation will be enough to build a well and maintain it for five years. It has truly been a community effort, but the students at All Saints really spear-headed the efforts.