Alpena Lions Club hears guest speaker

Judge Ted Brousseau of Naples, Fla., was the speaker at the recent Alpena Lions Club meeting. For 30 years, Brousseau was a Florida judge, and more recently he retired after many years teaching 14 to 18 year-old students to fly gliders. Program chair for the meeting was PDG Tom Shiemke.

Brousseau is currently writing a book he intends to call “Disorganized Crime.” He related numerous law cases that he had handled as a judge. These included the story of a pilot who was charged with insurance fraud for ditching his airplane and a U.S. Customs case involving a man who had flown his plane from Arizona to Naples.

In the next part of his presentation, Brousseau explained how students are trained to fly gliders. Much of the training takes place by an airplane towing a glider, containing a student and often an instructor. Brousseau reported that the Alpena airport has a glider training program