Send us your recipes

We’ve got good news to share. We are once again bringing back an Alpena News project from years past – the cookbook. Though we don’t publish a cookbook every year in order to keep it fresh, 2017 marks a return to this popular venture.

“This has always been one of our readers’ favorite projects, and they love it when we bring it back,” said Advertising Manager Christie Werda. “Our advertisers also are always excited to be able to participate in this great project.”

The cookbook is scheduled to come out in December in time for Christmas, but in order to make that happen, we are starting to collect recipes now. Overall, the project requires a sizable amount of recipe gathering, typing, formatting and layout design before it even gets to the printing stage.

So, consider this story an appeal for anyone interested to look through their stash of recipes and send us their favorites. This year’s theme is A Taste of Northeast Michigan. Any category is fair game, from appetizers, salads and soups to vegetables, main dishes and desserts. What we really are hoping for are those dishes that always seem to garner rave reviews whenever they are served to friends, family or other guests.

The recipes can be sent to us in any format, although a digital copy is a little easier from a production standpoint. Email submissions to: Please include your name and city where you reside, and a phone number in case any clarifications are needed.

Printed or handwritten copies of recipes may also be mailed to us at: The Alpena News, Attn: Diane Speer, Lifestyles Editor, 130 Park Place, Alpena, MI 49707. If you are mailing in recipes, we just ask that you try to write as legibly as possible. The recipes may be hand-delivered to the newspaper office as well.

The deadline for submission is Nov. 13, but we encourage everyone to send their recipes in soon so we can get a jump start on the production process.

In the meantime, The News continues to sale copies of cookbooks from years past in the front business office.

“These cookbooks from previous years seem to be just as popular as ever from the amount of people who stop in from time-to-time and buy them,” Werda said.

The cookbooks are currently available at discounted prices of $1 or 50 cents each.

For more information about A Taste of Northeast Michigan, call at 358-5691.

Submit your recipes online at:

Or mail them to:

The Alpena News, Attn: Diane Speer, Lifestyles Editor, 130 Park Place, Alpena, MI 49707

Submission deadline: Nov. 13