$60,000 needed for Camp Woodlands roof repairs

Fundraising efforts are in full swing for restoration of a building that’s been an integral part of the Girl Scout experience for the last 60 years.

After six decades, Camp Woodlands is in dire need of repairs. While longtime Girl Scout official Donna Precord, who’s leading the restoration charge, believes the basic concrete block structure remains solid, many aspects of the building need major attention, starting with the roof.

Precord said estimates are at $60,000 for replacing the roof and fixing interior areas heavily damaged due to leakage. The steering committee working to raise that amount – plus additional funds for many more needed repairs – already has over $30,000 committed. They are hoping that with a couple fundraising opportunities the remaining funds will come in to allow the work to progress since they will not proceed ahead until the full amount of money has been obtained.

“We figure about 100 girls a month have gone through the building,” Precord said. “That’s 1,200 girls a year times 60 years. That’s a lot of kids who have been through there.”

Among the fundraising promotions going on now are:

∫ Purchase of leaves and branches

Anyone who has ever been involved in Girl Scouts is encouraged to purchase a branch or leaf in honor or remembrance of a Girl Scout leader who made an impact on their life. The wooden branches and metal leaves will be affixed to a “tree” displayed inside Camp Woodlands once restoration work is complete.

Branches run $25, while leaves are $10. A number already have been purchased, and Precord is hopeful others will step forward to both help with the building project and remember an impactful Girl Scout leader. She personally has chosen to honor Mrs. Stewart Mills, who first became her leader in 1953.

“She made such an impact on me,” Precord said. “One little thing is, she taught me how to make a crepe paper rose. I’ve shared that every year for the past 60 years with other girls. She meant so much to me that I am buying her a branch.”

∫ Purchase of bricks

The public is invited to purchase bricks on which they can have their name, their family’s name or their company’s name imprinted. The bricks go for $100 a piece, and ultimately will be used to create a pathway from the Camp Woodlands building to the ceremonial firepit on the property.

“The brick pathway will take people from the camp building to the central fire pit,” Precord said. “We will have a nice path instead of the jagged rocks we have right now. It will make it much easier for wheelchairs to get out there, too.”

Applications for the bricks are available at either The Owl Cafe or Yarns to Go.

Anyone wanting to make a donation to the Camp Woodlands project, should send checks made out to Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore and indicate Camps Woodlands in the subject line. Donations should be mailed to GSMISTS, 1480 Wildcat Court, Alpena, MI 49707.

Other renovation projects at the camp include creating a handicap bathroom, showers and entrance as well as upgrading the kitchen, adding a furnace to the bunkroom, and installing insulation and siding to make the structure more energy efficient.