New pamphlet for Wildlife Sanctuary

Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary Board members approved a new pamphlet when they met recently at Alpena City Hall. The colorful pamphlet briefly describes Island Park and the Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary and includes reader-friendly maps.

Designed by Betsy Hale and Judy Kalmanek, it is designed to invite tourists and local residents to visit the “natural jewel” nature area. Distribution will be statewide, such as tourist centers, and in various locations in the Alpena area. A future pamphlet for the proposed River Center is planned.

The boundaries of the Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary have been under review because of public and agency confusion as to whether Lake Besser is part of the Sanctuary. Clarification of conflicting information is needed on maps and in official reports and in pamphlets.

Alpena City Planning and Development Director Adam Poll noted that Wildlife Sanctuary boundaries from Bagley Street to Chisholm Street do not include Lake Besser. More details will be considered at the Jan. 19 board meeting.

Board members also discussed a draft of bylaws presented by Poll. However, the size and composition of the city-appointed Wildlife Sanctuary Board are determined by City Council. The board is composed of nine members; 51 percent are required to be city residents.

For Giving Tuesday, Judy Kalmanek reported that the proposed River Center was the most successful of the participating organizations, with 23 donors giving a total of $3,325.

Elizabeth Littler reported that Huron Pines will be helping with signage for the riparian buffer that is located across from the hospital on the riverbank near the picnic tables. The buffer is a strip of green vegetation that will demonstrate protecting the water, controlling erosion and sheltering wildlife.

Jennifer Muladore of Huron Pines will be helping with signage. Riparian buffer committee members Littler and Terry Gougeon, both of the Wildlife Sanctuary Board, and Ron Young of Thunder Bay River Watershed Council, will create a map for the sign.