Ladies Auxiliary 2496 conducts January session

The regular meeting of Ladies Auxiliary 2496 was called to order by President Sarah James on Jan. 13. There were 12 members present and one visitor, District President Arvella.

All positions were filled except secretary, which was filled by Linda Dubie, senior vice president filled by Barb LaMay and color bearer #1 filled by Gail Morrison.

There were no petitions for membership. The treasurer’s report was read by the president. Dubie read the communications and all reports were given. It was reported the flags and new books are in. All cancer pins not sold will be taken by James to Mid-Winter.

A draping of the charter was held for two members: Phyllis Tolsdorf, who died Dec. 27, 2014, and June McDonald, who died Jan. 5, 2015. LaMay made a motion to donate $25 to National Home in memory of McDonald, and the auxiliary agreed.

Dubie resigned as chair of the Ladies Sunday Bingo. Tammy Snyder has agreed to take over the chairmanship.

The bingo reports were given by Dubie for November and December. An amount of $107 from the concession stand was given to the auxiliary. A new license will be mailed to keep bingo open.

LaMay made a motion to give the president $100 for the cancer booth at Mid-Winter. The auxiliary supported the motion.

Members were reminded that chairmanships and the audit need to be done before the end of the month. As the district president, Arvella said she would like the ladies to remember why they are here and work together.

It was announced there is a new veterans home in Gaylord called Patriots Place.

Winona Raquepaw and LaMay were the 50/50 winners.